Screening at Catalyst Festival 2014


This evening I had the pleasure of showing our film at Catalyst Festival, a church network worship, encouragement and family festival in Stoneleigh Park, southeast of Birmingham.

The film has probably never sounded so good! The response was very positive from the 90 or so audience members. I really appreciated the Q&A time. The caliber of questions was fantastic. Afterwards I also met various folks including a medieval scholar who dug it and some rappers who equally dug it. Someone called the film a ‘pioneering piece of work’ and ‘inspiring’.

The other film shown on the night was ‘FATUM’, a collaboration between David Sorley (Boxhead) and Liam Thatcher (an elder at ChristChurch London). You can watch this cracking short HERE:

Thank you everybody who came to the screening – it was a great night.

Find out more about the creative edge of this festival here:

Screening at Custard Factory – 31st of Jan. 2014

Happy New Year!

‘The Quickener’ will be screened on Friday the 31st of January in the Custard Factory Theatre at 8pm. The Custard Factory is on Gibb Street, B9 4AA, south of Birmingham city centre.

This time we’ll experience a trailer of sorts. As well as ‘The Quickener’ [30mins.] there will also be the premiere screening of Michael Stork’s music video ‘The Abyss’. Michael, who’s an incredible lyricist and songwriter, plays the part of villain in ‘The Quickener’.

After the screening there will be a Q&A with the director and some medieval goodies.

It’s only £3 in! You can buy tickets on the door – if you wish, let me know how many tickets you want reserved and I’ll have them for you – email me at joelthecustodian [at]

You can rsvp here: facebook event page

Quickener T-Shirts arrive

Yes, they’re here. The Quickener T-shirt was one of the perks of the Indiegogo campaign. Those of you who really gave a considerable amount to the film will be getting one.

I’m delighted with the design by my friend George Aytoun and with the quality of the shirts AND the print. Sharp white type on Chocolate Brown.

More post-production news very soon.

Dark Light – A Poem by Nigel Forde


Almost exactly a year ago I called Nigel Forde to try to convince him to play the role of the dean. He agreed and I was elated.

Nigel is, amongst other things, a profound wordsmith. His poetry is intense, witty and rustic. Here is a new poem of his. If at all possible read it out loud:


The world turns north; our bonfires drown in smoke.
In old walls, dusty angels hide among the bones and hair
Of mice. They murmur; they furl their huge grey wings and whisper
As the cold comes squeezing through ancient mortar.

They tell us this new month has been a feast. A lace
Of snow has melted on the hills, frozen again, melted,
And the indoor tree has swayed in draughts from years before;
Melted, like snow, in candlelight, in firelight’s glow.

Orion, one midnight, loosened his belt, and cold, pure cold,
Froze sheep and stalled all stars but one; and the seas
Sang, and words left all meaning in the ferns of frost
And the moon bled whiteness on the dreams of men.

Shadows still shiver in that shout of light, and on a stable door
Which may be pushed until it opens wide, or shuts
Cold and immoveable, on what may still be dreams or echoes:
Echoes of a whisper from some dusty, necessary angel.