Got Medieval – my favorite medieval blog

For a few years now I’ve dipped into a blog called gotmedieval – witty, surprising, informative and with a wonderfully geeky attention to detail. The author Carl Pyrdum, a graduate student in Medieval Studies at Yale University, can even make footnotes fun.

Here’s a typically stimulating post from last month. Enjoy.

Narrative Rap – the Final Frontier

What makes this film project most distinct is that the dialogue is being delivered in the language of rap and spoken word [always rhythmic but not always rhyming].

I have been involved in rap storytelling for 14 years as a writer and performer and have seen how powerfully it strikes viewers/listeners. I’ve also coached others in rap writing and performance for the last 12 years.

4 years as a member of Michaelis Constant, ‘the UK’s most unusual rap team’, helped me see that there are limitless options as rap storytellers. Together we constructed the first half-an-hour of a sci-fi concept album, each of us writing two characters each: I played a vengeful mercenary helicopter pilot and an aging Erik Estrada.

The experimentation continued with The Extensioners, a rap narrative rap group I formed with Dj Cro, Tom Grant and Eliot Best in 2004. It was equally ambitious creatively, telling stories of mammoth riders, grave-digging, tyrants and antiques dealers.

The Quickener is the next chapter of my own lyrical and spiritual exploration, but more than that, it’s an intricate collaboration with some of my favorite artists.