The Photo Chronicles – Day 3

A few more pics for you all from last night’s action – hopefully it will get anticipation growing!

Dom can’t resist a chance to get back to his childhood.

Video tutorial master: thanks to YouTube, Steve skinned and gutted a very real, (and eventually very crispy) squirrel.

Juice Aleem gets into character as the Mystic Monk.

Check back for photos from day four’s shoot!

The Photo Chronicles – Day 1

Hello everyone – on set photographer Tuuli here with a few taster shots from the first day of  shooting for you – enjoy!

Maxwell and Scott get some direction from film director Joel on how best to skirmish.

The monks commenting on the ‘medieval wire’ being tucked away…

Intense is the word.

The incredible Nigel Forde, doing ‘dramatic’ as effortlessly as only he can.

It was only a snapshot but hopefully it’s wet your appetite for what’s to come. Check back tomorrow to see photographs from day two of filming!