Medieval Curiosities #4

The latest in a delightful collection of medieval odds and ends from across the tinterwebs…

The Exeter Puzzle Jug was rude kitchenware in its day…
Featuring naked bishops and dancing girls, there was a trick to filling the jug so that it didn’t spill out (hence it’s ‘puzzle’ name!)

Archaeologists discover ancient Jewish toilet
An inscription in the 13th century house read “This is the window through which the feces are to be taken out.”

A volcanic blast led to thousands dying…in London
The blast, which happened the other side of the world, led to a failure of crops and caused a vast famine.

Turns out clerics did not want the bachelor life
The Papacy attempted to introduce celibacy in the 10th century, but it took 200 years to be widely accepted.

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5 more things you didn’t know about the middle ages

1 “The image of a lonely blacksmith hammering out a single helmet in his little country forge is far from reality. Important producers such as the Missaglia family of Milan employed whole villages, mass producing armour for sale throughout Europe.” [Read more!]

2 Some medieval glues were made from cheese - amongst other things!

3 Contrary to popular belief, medieval people had table manners - read some of their rules!

4 Apprenticeships were not always just a means to learn a trade; sometimes they were a way to gain citizenship in a city such as London! See an example here.

5 Commissions of Array were a way for military leaders to raise up troops in military emergencies. From June 1642, they were issued to leaders of counties and large cities, who were expected to collect funds, as well as raise soldiers, for the monarchy – more here!

Photo Chronicles – Leaks #3

Okay, okay, so these leaks were never accidental – we put them up because we know how much you love to see behind-the-scenes stills! Here’s the latest instalment… This time with a ‘nature’ theme…

As you may have guessed, it was a bit wet.

Medieval dancing has never been quite so perfectly demonstrated…

More to come in the next few weeks!

Medieval Curiosities #3

Here’s a third instalment of our latest internet discoveries… enjoy the loot we’ve unearthed!

Latest US extreme sports craze is full-contact jousting!
Of course it would be the Americans would be the first to resurrect this as an extreme sport… and good luck to them!

A 14th century manuscript reveals dogs to be the answer to mounting a successful siege…
Well, of course. Can’t argue with that.

Here’s why today’s modern bankers might not have lasted very long in Medieval times

How the Ancient Greek Olympians would have fared in today’s modern Games

Medieval Curiosities #2

The second instalment of Medieval Curiosities is here – and I thought it’d be a little to add an Olympic twist to it. Enjoy and share!

Palio di Asti 2012
How do you like your medieval athletics competitions? A ‘palio’ is the name given to athletic competitions in Italy that often have a medieval twist. If your Italian’s a little rusty, let me explain the palio di Asti – it is one of the oldest ones (its first mention is 1275!) and is still running! The festival culminates in a bareback horse race through the town – tickets are on sale! (Find out more on wikipedia)

Jousting armour at etsy
You’re hosting a jousting competition and need equipment? Excellent!  Get your 8 piece steel armour at our favourite indie handmade/vintage seller website. Who needs ebay?

Images of Medieval Women in Sport
Well – four of them. An extensive article by John Nichols out of Slippery Rock University, PA.

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