Screening at Custard Factory – 31st of Jan. 2014

Happy New Year!

‘The Quickener’ will be screened on Friday the 31st of January in the Custard Factory Theatre at 8pm. The Custard Factory is on Gibb Street, B9 4AA, south of Birmingham city centre.

This time we’ll experience a trailer of sorts. As well as ‘The Quickener’ [30mins.] there will also be the premiere screening of Michael Stork’s music video ‘The Abyss’. Michael, who’s an incredible lyricist and songwriter, plays the part of villain in ‘The Quickener’.

After the screening there will be a Q&A with the director and some medieval goodies.

It’s only £3 in! You can buy tickets on the door – if you wish, let me know how many tickets you want reserved and I’ll have them for you – email me at joelthecustodian [at]

You can rsvp here: facebook event page