Quickener T-Shirts arrive

Yes, they’re here. The Quickener T-shirt was one of the perks of the Indiegogo campaign. Those of you who really gave a considerable amount to the film will be getting one.

I’m delighted with the design by my friend George Aytoun and with the quality of the shirts AND the print. Sharp white type on Chocolate Brown.

More post-production news very soon.

Dark Light – A Poem by Nigel Forde


Almost exactly a year ago I called Nigel Forde to try to convince him to play the role of the dean. He agreed and I was elated.

Nigel is, amongst other things, a profound wordsmith. His poetry is intense, witty and rustic. Here is a new poem of his. If at all possible read it out loud:


The world turns north; our bonfires drown in smoke.
In old walls, dusty angels hide among the bones and hair
Of mice. They murmur; they furl their huge grey wings and whisper
As the cold comes squeezing through ancient mortar.

They tell us this new month has been a feast. A lace
Of snow has melted on the hills, frozen again, melted,
And the indoor tree has swayed in draughts from years before;
Melted, like snow, in candlelight, in firelight’s glow.

Orion, one midnight, loosened his belt, and cold, pure cold,
Froze sheep and stalled all stars but one; and the seas
Sang, and words left all meaning in the ferns of frost
And the moon bled whiteness on the dreams of men.

Shadows still shiver in that shout of light, and on a stable door
Which may be pushed until it opens wide, or shuts
Cold and immoveable, on what may still be dreams or echoes:
Echoes of a whisper from some dusty, necessary angel.

Assassins & Bodyguards

I’m still editing away at this most idiosyncratic of projects and it’s equally invigorating and draining. Next week a handful of people will have a full edit of the film to critique [minus the score, foley, soundmix or colour correction] over the Christmas break. We’re gonna nail this whole thing in early 2013 God-willing.

There’s some progress on the score and the soundscapes thanks to Bobbie Gardner and Pete Yelding.

My friend George Aytoun is doing some beautiful typographical design for The Quickener publicity and t-shirts. Soon I’ll be able to show you some of this music and design.

Many of you have probably seen this ‘Assassins & Bodyguards’ video already, which was mainly shot on the set of The Quickener by stills man Nathan Kellum and camera assistant John Alcock.

Alex aka Mantis aka Eckhardt [who's got an e.p. out] spits lyrics with a whole-hearted intensity in this 3 act theological rap video.

Near the end of the video you can see some of the crew together at the wrap party at the back of the Bull’s Head. 1990s Golden Era style beats, 1920s style sepia, medieval embodiments of spiritual forces and Alex the wretched human’s lyrics are as sharp and current as ever.

Medieval Curiosities #5

Oooh yes, another fantastic collection of medieval news and tidbits for you to peruse at your leisure!

Intricate tattoos found on Siberian princess’ 2,500 year-old body
We know that inking is pretty permanent, but who would have thought it would have stretched so far back in time?

A gruesome dig found 16 severed human hands in Egypt
Ancient Egyptians tended to cut off right hands to signify the stripping of their enemies’ power. Could be worse.

It seems England’s most gruesome battle was in… Towton
Yes, it appears that the bloodiest war was fought in 1461 as part of the War of the Roses in the small Yorkshire town.

Meet Shane Adams – the professional jouster..?
Interview, videos and photos! Enjoy.

The end. For now…


Medieval Curiosities #4

The latest in a delightful collection of medieval odds and ends from across the tinterwebs…

The Exeter Puzzle Jug was rude kitchenware in its day…
Featuring naked bishops and dancing girls, there was a trick to filling the jug so that it didn’t spill out (hence it’s ‘puzzle’ name!)

Archaeologists discover ancient Jewish toilet
An inscription in the 13th century house read “This is the window through which the feces are to be taken out.”

A volcanic blast led to thousands dying…in London
The blast, which happened the other side of the world, led to a failure of crops and caused a vast famine.

Turns out clerics did not want the bachelor life
The Papacy attempted to introduce celibacy in the 10th century, but it took 200 years to be widely accepted.

Until next time!

5 more things you didn’t know about the middle ages

1 “The image of a lonely blacksmith hammering out a single helmet in his little country forge is far from reality. Important producers such as the Missaglia family of Milan employed whole villages, mass producing armour for sale throughout Europe.” [Read more!]

2 Some medieval glues were made from cheese - amongst other things!

3 Contrary to popular belief, medieval people had table manners - read some of their rules!

4 Apprenticeships were not always just a means to learn a trade; sometimes they were a way to gain citizenship in a city such as London! See an example here.

5 Commissions of Array were a way for military leaders to raise up troops in military emergencies. From June 1642, they were issued to leaders of counties and large cities, who were expected to collect funds, as well as raise soldiers, for the monarchy – more here!

Photo Chronicles – Leaks #3

Okay, okay, so these leaks were never accidental – we put them up because we know how much you love to see behind-the-scenes stills! Here’s the latest instalment… This time with a ‘nature’ theme…

As you may have guessed, it was a bit wet.

Medieval dancing has never been quite so perfectly demonstrated…

More to come in the next few weeks!